Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fun with NativeBoost

Thanks to Igor and RMoD team, I could learn NativeBoost and create bindings for Xlib.

X11 NativeBoost fun from Laurent Laffont on Vimeo.

Inspect Pharo changes file

Here's a little trick from Igor to format .changes files on a console:
tail -f -n 50 my_images.changes |tr "\r" "\n"

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pharo 1.4 with Tiling Window Manager and more

With the release of Pharo 1.4 I've created my new custom image with TWM, Nautilus, Autotest and ProfStef. Here's the download link

Saturday, February 11, 2012


This was my first FOSDEM and with no hesitation that's the most fun event I've ever participated. The Hackerspace Bytenight was amazing, listening 8-bit remixed music from 90's video games, drinking good Belgian beers and talking with fun people.

I found a place to sleep for four days through CouchSurfing (I've also discovered BeWelcome recently), it seems the best way to enter Brussel's life.

On sunday John Thornton and I gave a talk on Amber Smalltalk - you can view slides online. Johnny arrived from the USA only five minutes before the talk, he's definitely an agile developer ;) We had some fun presenting Amber and the room was almost filled. We wanted to show real working code, integration with Javascript and Nodejs goodies. It's nice to use dynamic slides with Amber.

Amber Smalltalk
Photo by Damien Pollet

Marcus explained Pharo's vision before our talk. Huge work has been done, huge work ongoing. I'm looking forward to the Pharo Consortium.

After talking with several people we went back to the Smalltalk devroom. I discovered the Spoon project by Craig Latta. It's a minimal Smalltalk that can be remotely browsed from Squeak.

Then took place an introduction to Smalltalk workshop. Experienced Smalltalkers paired with newcomers to test and add new features to a Seaside application. The idea is nice and allows to listen to people feelings while discovering a new tool.

I finally put real faces on people only known on mailing-lists. Sad we did not managed to have more discussion. One day is short and so much to see...

Thank you Stephan. So nice things can emerge from a single tweet :)

Photo by Adriaan van Os