Friday, June 18, 2010

Autotest for Pharo

I've started a new little project. Autotest is a live testing tool (similar to Ruby Autotest, but the Smalltalk way, more dynamic).

Autotest automatically runs tests related to the method you edit. Screencast to see it in action: 

Autotest uses the following heuristics to find the tests to run:
- if the method is a test, runs it
- it the method is a test setUp or tearDown, run all the tests of the TestCase
- else find all senders which are tests in the same package and runs them (it detects different packages that are related, for example ProfStef-Core and ProfStef-Test)

To activate the Autotest dashboard:
- open the settings browser
- go under System
- check "Show Autotest Dashboard" option

To load it:

Gofer new
squeaksource: 'Autotest';
package: 'Autotest';

HelpSystem book included.

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